Ramona Bejan

Ramona Adelina Bejan, MPA, MBA

Ramona Adelina Bejan Bejan is a global business strategist with expertise in private and public management and work experience in the US, France and Romania. She is committed to advance micro and social entrepreneurship globally and especially in the developing world via her start-up AD.APT Group. She is also the founder and chair of Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC) – Philadelphia Chapter and a member of RACC National Leadership Committee. Prior to her entrepreneurial work, Mrs. Bejan managed for 8 years successful quantitative investment, compliance and business development initiatives for the worldwide mandates of an asset manager with more than $290 billion of assets in 23 countries. She played a key role in establishing its presence in the Americas.

Mrs. Bejan holds a Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree at Harvard University where she was awarded Edward S. Mason Fellowship in Public Policy and Management. She also holds a Duke University Cross-Continent Master in Business Administration (MBA) in the US, Asia and the EU and a Duke Health Sector Management Certificate.