Integrity in Business: Key for sustainable and long term prosperity

Trust and confidence from the major stakeholders have become the endowment for a successful, sustainable and long term business. Building this trust and confidence can only be accomplished with the right integrity policies and commitment in place.

Building a culture of integrity in organizations is very challenging and will not come easy, but your stakeholders are demanding this. For example your customers are no longer only looking for the lowest price, but also for the best quality, which also refers to the quality of the company they are doing business with. The public will increasingly encourage companies that disclose their anti-corruption and compliance commitments by becoming the customers of companies with the highest integrity commitment.

Transparency International Romania acknowledges that the private sector plays an absolutely central role in shaping the way a society responds to both traditional and emerging forms of corruption and seeks to cement integrity as the long-term driver of a more solid, responsible and sustainable business model for Romania, which can act as a catalyst towards a sustainable development of the Romanian society.

Therefore, we invite you to join our conference between the 27th-29th of November to discuss with all involved parties (Companies, Business associations, NGO's, Academia and Authorities) and to learn from examples of best practices.

Program Overview

The purpose of this three-day conference is to debate why companies should start taking integrity seriously and engage their stakeholders to work together towards a shared vision of integrity. During the conference you will be offered examples of challenges and potential solutions in promoting integrity as a premise for social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as building the necessary organizing support systems for a culture of integrity in business and beyond. During the conference we will hear from representatives of government and international institutions, academic experts, reputed practitioners and policy makers and foster a climate of sharing experience under a common view. The result of our discussions will be the launch of the Business Integrity Charter as a collective initiative of the Business Integrity Center.


The conference is aimed at top managers, compliance middle management, social partners, representatives of civil society organizations, members of administrative structures, policy makers and academia dealing with business and integrity.

This conference is especially relevant for those who:

  • Are leading organizations interested to invest in their good reputation and sustainable development
  • Leaders and executives who wish to promote and strengthen cultures of integrity
  • Managers and executives who wish to maintain their clean profit
  • Organizations that are concerned about business conduct with integrity and social responsible
  • Organizations looking for support in their challenges towards an active and real business integrity implementation and continuation

Key Questions

This conference examines the challenges of building a culture of integrity for businesses with a clear focus on responsibility toward their employees and stakeholders. We will also address the cooperation with the members of the supply and distribution chain and other actors in the business environment and with public authorities in order to achieve sustainable development in a climate of integrity.

Some of the specific questions which will be discussed comprise:

  • What are the links between integrity, social responsibility and sustainable development?
  • How and why do markets value price integrity?
  • How can management create a culture of integrity within their business?
  • Why is merely securing integrity in my own company not enough?
  • Why should companies invest in collective action approaches?

Conference Agenda