About CIB

The Centre for Integrity in Business (CIB) is a centre for resources through which Transparency International Romania promotes long term solutions for strengthening good governance based on ethical principles and for developing partnerships between the public sector, private sector and civil society. The Centre constitutes a platform for active social dialogue between these three important sectors; moreover CIB also supplies the necessary tools to maintain this dialogue at a high level.

Furthermore, apart from fostering social dialogue the Centre for Integrity in Business also provides its members necessary resources, tools and counselling in order for these to respect the commitment made when joining the Centre. The major benefits of becoming a member of the Centre are:

  • Information – members benefit first from any update of the Centre or of Transparency International Romania regarding different events, studies, projects on issues of integrity, ethics and conformity
  • Taking part in different CIB events organized in order to collect input from all key players within the business sector and try to figure out solutions for various vulnerabilities identified
  • Access to resources and tools available only to members of the Centre as well as different training sessions on the subject of social responsibility and sustainable development
  • Creating an integrity community – where all members will exchange best practices, expertise and will maintain a high level dialogue

During this last year, the Centre for Integrity in Business launched an initiative to build a platform for business integrity and transparency in partnership with top companies from Romania. This initiative was launched during a roundtable event on the 11th of July 2013, which later resulted into a Pact for Integrity and Transparency in the Romanian business sector, charter which will be officially launched during the final conference on the 29th of November.

The Centre will rely on the expertise of both Transparency International Romania and of our global network, but it also intends to gather knowledge and expertise from independent experts as well as business leaders and integrity promoters.