Alexandra Predeanu

Alexadra Predeanu - Deputy Country Manager at ICAP Romania

After a decade living abroad, Alexandra joined ICAP Group in Athens in 2010 and she has managed for two years multiple projects across the ICAP countries of presence (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Cyprus). Returning her native country, she became Deputy Country Manager at ICAP Romania in 2012, bringing a significant business development to the company, doubling the client portfolio and the company’s profitability.

Alexandra has a diversified background, going through marketing, sales, business development, journalism and political activities and a large experience in international business, working for BBDO and Hewlett Packard across 27 markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa for more than 10 years.

Alexandra holds two Bachelor degrees from the University of Bucharest in Political Science & Administration and in Marketing & Communication and also a Master degree in Law from the Kapodistrian University in Athens. She speaks fluently six languages.