Ilias P. Papageorgiadis

Ilias P. Papageorgiadis - CEO of MORE Group of Companies

Ilias P. Papageorgiadis (born on August 3rd, 1975 in Katerini, Greece) is a Greek businessman and investor, with over 10 years of activity in Romania. He grew up in a family where the business experience could be traced on more than 250 years, fact which offered him a valuable insight and a point of reference.

For many years a journalist and later owner of the largest local newspaper, Ilias Papageorgiadis decided to leave behind his media and political career in Greece in order to start in Romania, in 2004, the MORE Group of Companies. The first one set up, MORE Real Estate is now, according to Ernst & Young, one of the top 10 consultancy companies for Real Estate in Romania.

In 2008 he started, the only Romanian blog dedicated to Real Estate available at that time.

His entrance in the Renewable Energy industry took place in 2009, along with the inception of MORE Green Energy, while in 2010 he became the official representative of the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece.

In 2012, Mr. Papageorgiadis decided to set up the ARBIO – The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas.

Profile of Mr. Ilias P. Papageorgiadis