Matthias Morgner

Matthias Morgner - Consultant for Public Finance and Public Sector Reform at the International Secretariat of Transparency International

Matthias Morgner is a consultant for public finance and public sector reform.

He has been advising national and local governments in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries for more than 10 years, and has lived much of this time in these countries.

In 2012/13 he has also been working at the International Secretariat of Transparency International where he was responsible for TI-S' activities in the field of public procurement.

His fields of interest and expertise comprise regional development and public service delivery, integrity and accountability in public procurement, and public expenditure management.

Matthias has co-authored the OECD "Budget review of Ukraine" and various other analytical papers about public finance and decentralisation reforms in Ukraine in various German publications.

Being a native of Germany, Matthias speaks English and Russian fluently.