Jenny Schöberlein

Jennifer Schöberlein, Researcher at HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance

Jennifer Schöberlein holds a Master’s degree in social sciences from the University of Hamburg in Germany.

Since 2011 she has been working as a researcher for anti-corruption projects at HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance in Berlin. The focus of her work is on how sanctions and incentives can be used by various stakeholders to motivate business to counter corruption – especially from a civil society perspective. She headed the conducting of a global survey on anti-corruption incentives and sanctions and co-authored the practitioner handbook ‘Motivating Business to Counter Corruption’. She also coordinates the project ‘Establishing Anti-Corruption Standards and Providing Commercial Incentives for SMEs in Egypt’, implemented in cooperation with the Egyptian Junior Business Association in Cairo.

Prior to joining HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance she has been working in public relations for a Berlin-based non-profit and in human rights advocacy as Haiti coordinator for Amnesty International Germany.