Marian V. Popa

    Marian V. Popa - Chairman of Transparency International Romania

Career start : 1973 with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, working for 10 years in Publicom – Foreign Trade Advertising Company.

1983: General Manager of Rank Xerox Ltd – Romania and Moldova. Grew the company from 0.5 Million US $ to 38 Million US$ and from 2 to 1000 employees.

1996: General Manager/CEO  Romania and Republic of Moldova of ICL Limited. Grew the company from 0.7 Million  to 28 Million GBP and from 14 to 200 people)

2004: Executive Manager CEE Endava Limited. Went from (almost) greenfield and 40 employees  to 800 people, 4 CEE branches and 36 mil GBP turnover.
2012: own business consultancy business, focused mainly on Leadership and Transformational Management.

Degrees: Economics Faculty of Bucharest (ASE) , Management Faculty of the same city and Insead / France.
1994: designated by the Romanian Press as the Businessman of the Year.
Founding member  of several NGO’s like the Foundation for the Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara, The American Chamber of Commerce, the British – Romanian Chamber of Commerce, AOAR, Transparency International Romania and many others.
Transparency International Romania: for the last 10 years the Chair of Transparency International Romania.
Social status: re-married and has two boys.